The Smack City concept. Halftone testing.

Desus & Mero has quickly become one of my favorite shows to enjoy in the evening on a network that's quickly become one of my favorites, VICELAND. 

This duo has many slogans and taglines that make for great design concepts. Smack City is one of them. I thought of putting together a few designs that I may present down the line depending on how the finished product looks. I'm in the process of fiddling with my output options for the design. 
If I spot color the design, I'm looking at 6 screens as opposed to doing 4 color CMYK process. 
I'll be honest I usually do the PMS process, but this is an option I have to learn in order to land more work. 

Here's a lil' work in progress Smack City! Stay tuned...


BIAB The Kids Themes

I'm continuing to dig through my design work I did at my time at Birthday In A Box.
For portfolio's sake I'm adding some more designs with a younger kid appeal. This was usually the case for 1st birthday parties or baby shower themes. Click on the images for larger viewing.
Designs are Birthday In A Box originals and Creative Converting themes.


BIAB Personalization: The "Homages"

One of the key things at my job required me to do personalization. I designed several items:
Invites & Thank You Cards
Banners, Place & Activity Mats
Stickers, Buttons, Candy Bars, Lip Balms, Address Labels. 

I enjoyed doing original themes (the rare chances I had a chance to). I also got to licensed work from time to time from Disney. A good chunk of my work however, came from doing "homages" of 
Movies & Shows that we had tableware and other various party items that needed personalization complements. 

Below are a few samples of various themes I put together. See if you can recognize them, lol!