Touching and tweaking.

Fatherhood has been the dominating factor and sole time consumer these days.
I like to get in and work on personal projects when I have time, but that has been far few in between. 
I get the baby to sleep and work on art when I can. It usually leaves me up well into the early hours of the am. I average about 4 hours of sleep on these design nights. Continuing the Risk VS Reward design project, here is the "jockey" design for the piece. 


Izzy's room update...

"More clouds daddy. It needs more clouds" 

"Fun" to mount on to the wall. 
So the last post was Photoshop & here's the real deal. I already can see that there is going to be a call for more clouds in smaller sizes like I did in the mock up. To see it fully fleshed out in front of you makes the difference & so would the smaller clouds. So it's back to the vinyl cutter machine hopefully tomorrow so I can make the revisions as such. As always, stay tuned.


Wrapping up Izzy's room...

*Click image to enlarge.

So this is the design I'm going to go with for Izzy's room. I made some changes from the first design I did for the baby shower and elongated the body of the dragon to cover more design space and to look more playful. I painted her playroom and the two shades of blue work out really nice I think the white clouds will be a nice balance to help things really pop. Measurements to be taken and the finished product should be done by tomorrow.

It's been quite a while since I've posted on the site. Fatherhood & work has kept me busy.

With the new addition to the family, Isabella has had me wrapped around her finger ever since she popped into the world almost 4 months ago, but with a face like this:

You can see why I wrap around so easily. 


Been off the grid...

                       Update to follow soon, but for now... FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK!!

TEAM Yak Bidawz for the fantasy football win!


Long over due update...

According to the Blogspot my last update was April 12. Quite a bit has happened since then that's for sure. some designs in the works and a few new sneakers, but my biggest project is ongoing... forever.
Meet Isabella Christine Barron
My Greatest Masterpiece. 


Preparations abound & the "BOF" logo.

It's been a second since I've updated. The apt is currently undergoing baby transformation mode and my work space has been migrating to various places in the apt according to need. Couple that with the fact we've been prepping for the baby shower & it's made for minimal creative goings... sort of.

I managed to eek out a requested logo.

"As A Batter Of Fact" Logo ©2012 Lori Palencia 

I put together some quick shirt compositions for a client interview. * Click to enlarge images.

Client: 555 Soul NYC ©2012 Che Barron 

I've been making an effort to go back to my roots and going back to the graffiti. Here's a work in progress.

I still have a bit more to tweek on this obviously. I want to expand vastly on this & perhaps I can pull some collaboration in from some old friends.

Stay tuned.


Being expressive err...Part 3.5???

I followed up my first design of Jugoya with a full body design layout with a play on the Japanese characters for Tengu. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna run with the laser scopes, but I figured I would give it a go just because. I'm still not 100% sold on my font layout just yet but I'm getting closer methinks. As usual, stay tuned...
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