Izzy's room update...

"More clouds daddy. It needs more clouds" 

"Fun" to mount on to the wall. 
So the last post was Photoshop & here's the real deal. I already can see that there is going to be a call for more clouds in smaller sizes like I did in the mock up. To see it fully fleshed out in front of you makes the difference & so would the smaller clouds. So it's back to the vinyl cutter machine hopefully tomorrow so I can make the revisions as such. As always, stay tuned.


Wrapping up Izzy's room...

*Click image to enlarge.

So this is the design I'm going to go with for Izzy's room. I made some changes from the first design I did for the baby shower and elongated the body of the dragon to cover more design space and to look more playful. I painted her playroom and the two shades of blue work out really nice I think the white clouds will be a nice balance to help things really pop. Measurements to be taken and the finished product should be done by tomorrow.

It's been quite a while since I've posted on the site. Fatherhood & work has kept me busy.

With the new addition to the family, Isabella has had me wrapped around her finger ever since she popped into the world almost 4 months ago, but with a face like this:

You can see why I wrap around so easily. 


Been off the grid...

                       Update to follow soon, but for now... FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK!!

TEAM Yak Bidawz for the fantasy football win!