2009 Rewind : The DG vectors & why my people frustrate me.

Bill Cosby said it best by saying, "I may not know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody." I find myself having to repeat this quote in my head often when it comes to the work I do for clients. I try to work within my means and within their budget, but I still find myself giving a little bit extra to a fault. You learn from experience and build a tougher skin, but at the same time you develop less patience for the bullshit that may come along the way. I get impressed sometimes with the results I'm able to come up with when I'm left with very little to work with, but at the same time, as a designer I get pissed with clients for this same reason. I've found a trend that has become all the more common & in 2010 I've made it a point to put my foot down in regards to the situation. I'll be blunt and say it: Black people can make for horrible clients. I feel I have the right to say because I am black & it makes the situation all the more frustrating. I hate to pigeon hole, but time and time again, the situation rears it's ugly head. I've come to find that when it comes to black clients, they feel as though they can pull the sympathetic "we brown" angle with you. Bottom line: When it comes to their work, they want the sun, moon & stars, but when you tell them the cost of the telescope they think it's too much. They feel as though the work is too expensive, but they want it to look dynamite & are eager to show it off to make themselves look every bit the shit. For those that want to scoff or feel jaded by my statements, let's put it in perspective of building. From concept to construction, it takes months to years to become a living breathing reality. Yet a demolition crew can bring it crashing down in mere seconds. Quality creation takes time and thought and creativity. Just because it's something I enjoy doesn't make it easy. I like orgasms too, but in order for me to get one I gotta work for it. Crude statement yes, but a fact well all can't deny. I look back at this work and it serves as a lingering reminder. I'm sure I speak for a lot of freelancers out there when I say this: If you want quality you have to pay for it. Pure and simple. As a freelancer, it sucks because you need money to pay the bills, but at the same time you have to maintain a bit of gumption & if you sell yourself cheap, you will look at your work as cheap. I have found that it really doesn't pay to do favors. You're rates are your rates and should be non negotiable. If they want your work bad enough they will pay or keep it moving. In the long run, you save yourself headache, but stand to loose business as well. Such is the gamble. Yes it's a sluggish economy & times are tough, but I still believe quality is quality. Pure and simple. I'll close this with a quote from my father: "In the case of a uncertain economy, the last thing you want to do is fuck with a man's livelihood. Bottom line. Fuck you, pay me."
And with that, we turn to the DG vectors. This was a clear case of me making something out of nothing. I was proud of the work I did even though I wasn't given much to work with. Such is the case with many designers often times. You work on the fly. This was no exception. These were a series of mixtape covers & event promos I did over the 2009 season for a former client. D.Pitts.
In the end it was work for me and great design work for him, but the work experience was one that added to my frustration. I always wish the best for what ever client I have worked with in the past good, bad or indifferent, but once the job is done it's done & unless you have work for me to do, don't expect me to break my neck to be interested in anything else you have going on. I cut my ties, keep it moving & leave you to your enterprise whatever it may be. The grind is infinite.

Examples of the : webcomic and cd covers


Happy New Year & all that jazz...

I've been on a design tangent for a while now and have not been able to post any of the new work. What good is the blogspot if I don't post the work right? I've been working on a few custom pairs for the clients during the holiday season that I will post soon, but in the meantime here's images of a few designs that I want to get made into a limited run of prints for a few events coming in the spring time. The "Lovely Ladies" theme. It was an idea that I had in my head for a while and I had to get it out
while the desire was still there. Ultimately, I don't know how many more I plan to do, but I know I have at least 2 more that I want to add to this theme set.