The Marvel Icons

It's been eons since I'v posted any artwork on here, but with new afforded free time it only makes sense I upload a few fun projects from my time at WHC, CSC, BIB,WPS...they sound like federal agencies, lol.

Before my exodus I got wrangled into a project that was fun, but had to be processed quickly (30 - 45min or less for each design). It was for some Marvel Character quotes to be used for Instagram posts. I like working on the fly like this to see what I come up with under a tight deadline.  It lets you go for your most quick carnal instinct when it comes to a design. I'll admit, I subsequently gave a few of the designs a lil bit more love than the others, because I liked the direction I was going with it.
It was a bit of a "balance off". Make some simple ones to save to the time to make another one a lil bit more detailed. I think I'm going to take a few of the less laid out ones and tweak them for some potential t shirt action. WeLoveFine's got me gassed.

1. Black Panther

2. Cyclops

4. Gambit

5. Iceman

6. Iron Fist

7. Ms. Marvel

8. Nightcrawler

9. Rocket Raccoon 

10. Spider Woman

11. Storm

12. The Wasp

 13. X-23