The latest dabblings: GEAR!

  My last post for the year & I figured I'd put up some designs I had in mind for various clothing items. If it's not obvious by now, I've been a long time Adidas head. I've always considered their track jackets to be one of the classical iconic articles of clothing. Sadly, as of late, their gear hasn't been living up to these expectations (at least in my opinion).

  The recent launch of the Jeremy Scott items have left me with the confused look on my face. I find it funny in some ways because I recently watched Back to the Future 2 and there's the scene where Marty is escaping Griff Tannen's & his thugs. I happened to look at the gear and damn if it doesn't look just like the stuff that is being marketed now. I thought it looked silly back then & I feel the same way about it now. I'm all for going new directions and exploring new territory, but the stuff that is coming out of the JS/Adidas camp now is just damn goofy. Even for the new pro geek generation. I think the animal hats coming out of Japan are more fashionable than what they are coming out with. This is me being an honest fan. The same could be said for the Star Wars line. I hate to say it, but I think Ecko did a much better job pushing the Star Wars gear than Adidas did.

  Anyhow, I'm putting up a few concepts I had for track jackets & T shirts. Rough concepts, but concepts none the less. There are also track pants and sneaker concepts that I've worked on as well, but I'm saving them for the complete January post. Anybody out there that happens to look them over, I'd love some feedback. Safe & happy holidays to all. *Naturally, the disclaimer is that the designs are done by me Che Barron & I have no current working relationship with Adidas. Adidas is trademarked by Adidas AG. I do not seek to illegally manufacture our violate their trademark, blah, blah, blah. It's concept art. That is all.

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Digging through the archives... The Teletubbies Venture...

I think back to how many pairs of custom sneakers I've done and I've totally lost count. I'm honestly well over the 200 mark that much I know. I do a bi monthly "wade through the water" of my design files to trim the fat and get rid of duplicate or old files I no longer need & 9 times out of ten I stumble across an old design or photo I forgot about. It usually goes about this way when I'm organizing something for a client to show and after it's done it goes back to my hard drive for the archives. This go around I'm showcasing more custom work my old crew and I did for the 10th anniversary of the Teletubbies.

 Photos basically show the progression of how things came to be. It started with the pair of Brainy Blings I did. I did these sneakers on a whim. I though it would be funny to do a pair of Pinky & the Brain sneakers with a hip hop flair, So I fitted The Brain with a track jacket and a fresh pair of Swarovski crystal designed grills.  This in turn led my then partner in crime Rival LV to come up with his own pair & influence... this led to his themed Oscar the Grouch and Grungetta "Trashy to Classy". These 2 pairs were our "frontrunners" for display when the crew (Then known as the Dassler Rebellion to then turn to Rebellion Customs) went out to Las Vegas to see about networking. The shoes caught the attention of a PR rep for Ragdoll LLC (Stacy) and she came to us with the proposition of doing some customs for the 10th Anniversary of the Teletubbies in conduction with a charity event for Cure Autism Now. Once back on the left coast the crew and I set about doing concept mock ups for the event with some of the images they provided as well as going off our own creative juice. We knocked it out with quality and creativity (Skrybe, Rival LV & Dave Mass, the extra men on the team) and showcased them in Philly as well as at the event in downtown Manhattan. I still have my La La antenna... *click on images to enlarge the pics. 
The Brainy Bling... Still one of my favorite pairs...
I gave the Brain the "Bishop Don Juan" look on the inset. 
The Trashy to Classy's by Rival LV
Still one of my favorite pairs designed 
Who doesn't love Oscar the Grouch?

The concepts we came up with & the design crew with our Ragdoll contact Stacy. 

The crew with the Teletubbies Actors. 

Yucking it up with the Dipsy. 

Po and La La out of costume

The Tinky Winky Customs by Skrybe
The display at the store. The La La's sold so fast I didn't even get a pic of them. 

As the night drew on the alcohol made us look dumber.

MrTroy & I worse for wear
A class all our own

This became our flagship sneaker under the Rebellion Customs handle concept by Skrybe

Displays from the Philly Event 

I stuck with the Homegrown Westbrook

The works of Dave Mass
Skrybe liked Reggie