A lil' back story...

Okay, so the sneaker painting thing all started with me wanting a pair of Adidas superstars.
Captain Tsubasa to be exact. The story goes from me being frustrated with the dopes at the Adidas store on South street in Philly, to me actually getting requested to do custom work for Adidas upon my arrival to the NY area some 3 years ago. Here's a few snapshots of my work and some clients. Since that time I went from the team name of Dassler Rebellion to Rebellion Customs. In 2009 I chose to leave Rebellion Customs (I was co founder & head of design) & to set out on my own. In the meantime inbetween time, I did work with NY based Blackerinkwells. 2010 will bring about new changes as well.
More snapshots of customs to follow soon.


Trick or Treat goodies out the lab True Blood style.

I feel bad because I really wanted to add more stuff to this blogspot, but the rush to get these sneakers made really got me behind the 8 ball. I've been posting on Facebook like crazy and looking to post on a few True Blood fan forums. If you are looking at this page it's most likely because you saw a picture on facebook or your favorite True Blood forum.

I did these back to back to cater to the female Halloween crowd. The auction for these goes up tomorrow. Both sneakers are hand painted with a leather based acrylic made specifically for sneakers. They are sprayed with a UV protective finisher that protects from rain as well as the sun. The sneaker is of my own design as well.
Both pairs are US Men size 6/ Women size 8. They come with 3 types of laces (black, white and light red).The auction will be set to end on Monday with a payments made via Paypal. I ship internationally as well.
Any questions, feel free to drop me a line. I will have more pictures of previous sneakers & clients to showcase for everyone to check out very soon!

The starting price for the "Bloody Besos" will be $250 usd. The buy it now price will be listed at $400 usd.

True Blood Bloody Besos *Click to Enlarge Photo 

The starting price for the "Bad Things" custom will be at $400 usd. With a buy it now price set at $800 usd.

True Blood "Bad Things" Custom. *Click to enlarge photo.


RE-done and RE-freshed!

If you are on this page then you are here to check out the works of Che Tucker "Barron".
Here you can get snapshots of the latest work in progress in terms of my digital and hand painted works. Info on any upcoming events, projects & works for sale and auction. Updates to follow very soon.