Being expressive err...Part 3.5???

I followed up my first design of Jugoya with a full body design layout with a play on the Japanese characters for Tengu. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna run with the laser scopes, but I figured I would give it a go just because. I'm still not 100% sold on my font layout just yet but I'm getting closer methinks. As usual, stay tuned...
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Post expressive...JUST BLAZE!!!

I've been in a Japan mood since I've been prepping & working on the "Jugoya" character designs.
I've been digging through more of my old artwork and archived custom work and I found some pics of customs I did during my Manhattan Records days. These were customs done for an album release of a Japan only exclusive by Just Blaze. Shout to Take and the gang in Shibuya.
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Being expressive Part 3

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This is the version 2 character mock up I made for Jugoya I went to make him more "cartoonish".
Stay tuned...


Being expressive Pt2.

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Continuing with the character design theme, I'm showcasing my second set of expression sheets for one of my more mature themed characters. The character Jugoya is one I have had in the books for a long time. One of the few characters I have an avid backstory for, but never sought to develop him fully. I would need a good writer to help me on this one and someone aptly knowledgeable in Japanese culture. More previews to come soon.


Being expressive...

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Here's some work in progress. In addition to the "Ruckus" vectors I posted in the previous entry I'm working on some character rotations and expressions for some kid character designs I want to add to my portfolio. Hair can be a pain the the butt and it's common for most cartoons to have characters to face at a quarter angle for relative space arrangement, but since my character is a Whirling Dervish, I'm going to have to have him drawn at more extensive angles.  More images to follow.