Preparations abound & the "BOF" logo.

It's been a second since I've updated. The apt is currently undergoing baby transformation mode and my work space has been migrating to various places in the apt according to need. Couple that with the fact we've been prepping for the baby shower & it's made for minimal creative goings... sort of.

I managed to eek out a requested logo.

"As A Batter Of Fact" Logo ©2012 Lori Palencia 

I put together some quick shirt compositions for a client interview. * Click to enlarge images.

Client: 555 Soul NYC ©2012 Che Barron 

I've been making an effort to go back to my roots and going back to the graffiti. Here's a work in progress.

I still have a bit more to tweek on this obviously. I want to expand vastly on this & perhaps I can pull some collaboration in from some old friends.

Stay tuned.